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Our Mission

Supporting young adults with intellectual and  developmental disabilities toward their best life!

Person-centered Transition Planning

By listening to individuals and their families,  we will help them to create a plan for an individual's future success and write great transition goals while still in school. 

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities need chances to continue to develop their daily living skills, soft skills for employment and community inclusion, and literacy. Assistive Technology for communication and daily living may be explored to reach individual goals.


Community Inclusion
By fostering partnerships in the community for activities, we will provide training for businesses and faith communities in the inclusion of individuals with intellectual and  developmental disabilities.

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Virtual Learning?

Need AT?

Is your student learning at home this fall? Are they struggling to keep up? Have you considered using Assistive Technology?


We may be able to give you some ideas for free tools that can be used to support reading and writing at home.


Let us know how we can serve you at

​In partnership with the Gwinnett County Public Library, we are providing Book Club and Life Skills classes virtually on Zoom.  We are having lots of fun and have made new friends. 

Open Your World Book Club 

Tuesday afternoons at 3 pm

  • The Speckled Band - Sherlock Holmes

      August 10 - Sept 21 

  • The Invisible Man

      Oct 12 - Nov 30

  • The Gift of the Magi

      Dec 7

Please register at the Gwinnett County Public Library website,  

Your Best Life  Life Skills classes are held virtually at 3 pm

on Thursdays.

  • August 26 - Character

  • Sept 30 - Preparing for Emergencies

  • Oct 21 - Taking Care of Your Eyes

  • Nov 18 - Gift Giving: Buying and Making Gifts for the Holidays

No pre-registration needed. We can send you a link if you are interested.  Let us know at