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work conversation includes an young man in a wheelchair

Our Mission

Supporting young adults with intellectual and  developmental disabilities toward their best life!

Person-centered Transition Planning

By listening to individuals and their families,  we will help them to create a plan for an individual's future success and write great transition goals while still in school. 

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities need chances to continue to develop their daily living skills, soft skills for employment and community inclusion, and literacy. Assistive Technology for communication and daily living may be explored to reach individual goals.


Community Inclusion
By fostering partnerships in the community for activities, we will provide training for businesses and faith communities in the inclusion of individuals with intellectual and  developmental disabilities.

ADMH and DEF partner to host 

webinar series for parents and adult siblings on topics that need to be addressed as an individual with a disability transitions from school to adult living.  SSI, Medicaid, waivers, Legal matters, STABLE accounts, and more from the experts!  Register at 


Special Studies in God's Word

This chronological study of God's Word is designed for our young adult individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Family members are welcome!

Join us virtually on Monday evenings at 7 pm.  Contact Pat at for the Zoom link.  

        Community Partnerships

Gwinnett County Public Library and the Dunamis Educational Foundation were honored by the Philadelphia Winn chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for "Outstanding Work in Literacy Promotion" for Open Your World Book Club.  Many thanks for all the librarians who facilitate, especially Regina Fallon who coordinates the clubs at different library branches.

Open Your World Book Club


We are excited to let you know that there will be 3-4 sessions of Book Club each week.  These sessions will be held in partnership with the Gwinnett County Public Library at different times so more of our friends can be involved.  You are welcome to attend more than one session each week if you would like.

To register:   

  Your Best Life - Life Skills 


These sessions are held virtually at 3 pm, once a month on Thursdays.

  • January 18 - Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

  • February 29 - Accessing Community Resources        

  • March 28 - Everyday Writing                   

No pre-registration needed but you will need the link for Zoom.  Contact David Buterbaugh at

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